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Here at Hendy Leasing, we proudly cater to all needs – from finding your ideal finance plan to sourcing your perfect vehicle. And, if you’ve heard the buzz about electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles and want to find out more about the benefits of leasing one of these models, read on to discover more!

As of October 2019, there were an estimated 246,000 EVs in the UK – a number that continues to rise. Car manufacturers across the globe are charging towards an electric future, with several new releases each year. And they have proven that going electric is without compromise – with dynamic designs, tech-packed interiors and impressive ranges. And the critics agree: the Hyundai KONA Electric even won the Which? Product of the Year 2019, an accolade that covers all products – not just cars!

Whether you’re looking to improve your fuel consumption on city driving or want to save money on running costs, then look towards a greener future and drive smarter with Hendy Leasing!


Electric vehicles (EVs)

All-electric vehicles run on electricity alone – zero petrol/diesel and zero emissions on the road! EVs are therefore much better for the environment and are also kind on your finances, with cheaper ‘fuel’, government purchase incentives, and free travel in Clean Air Zones and London’s Congestion Zone. Although charging may seem like a whole new world, it’s actually very simple – electric cars are most commonly charged at home, but can also be charged at work or at thousands of public chargers.

Examples of 100% electric models include the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Kia e-Niro, Hyundai Kona Electric, Honda e, Jaguar I-PACE, MG ZS EV, Nissan LEAF, SEAT Mii Electric and Renault ZOE.


Hybrid models

Hybrid vehicles use a combination of a petrol engine and electric batteries (which run an electric motor) to power the car. There are different types of hybrid models: full and mild hybrid vehicles (MHEVs), where the electric battery is recharged by the petrol engine, and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), which can be plugged into mains electricity to charge their batteries.

Examples of full and mild hybrid models include the New Ford Puma MHEV, Ford Tourneo Custom MHEV, New Hyundai Tucson MHEV and Ford Mondeo Hybrid. Plug-in hybrid examples include the All-New Ford Kuga PHEV, Niro PHEV, Honda CR-V Hybrid and ŠKODA SUPERB iV.


The benefits

Electric and hybrid vehicles encompass a range of benefits and incentives for drivers. Not only will they help you to reduce your carbon footprint, they also offer convenient home-charging, lower running costs, fewer moving parts and therefore less maintenance costs, tax reductions and free entry into zero-emissions zones and London’s Congestion Zone. While the initial purchase cost of an

electric vehicle can be higher than a petrol- or diesel-powered vehicle equivalent, this is balanced by substantially lower running costs over the vehicle’s lifetime.

Electric and hybrid cars are also rather fun to drive – electric motors produce maximum torque at any rpm, making them incredibly responsive. There’s also no compromise on range, for example the Jaguar I-PACE saloon boasts a range of 292 miles, while the SEAT Mii Electric supermini has a range of up to 223 miles with 100% city driving.

Different electrified powertrains can suit different lifestyles – get in contact with Hendy Leasing today to discuss your options for making the switch!

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